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Some Calorie-less Food For Thought

We often stay so focused on our main goal that we lose sight of the small victories we make each day. The reality of it all, is that small victories are what gets us to conquer our biggest goals! Today I drank tea over coffee, without any sweeteners or dairy products added! For me, that’s […]

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Is Fabletic’s Worth All the Hype It’s Getting?

“Fabletics” is the fitness line co-founded by Kate Hudson, and you’ve probably seen their ad’s plastered all over Facebook. Well, like a middle aged woman watching QVC…I fucking fell for the ad, and put an order in. I paid $10 for a two piece outfit, with enrollment for the “VIP Membership.” Besides for the $10 […]

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My #WCW is Underage and That’s OK!

Last year I made a huge rant on a previous blog about how we always tag women in pictures as our “woman crush Wednesday.” Typically these women are easy on the eyes, probably have huge lady lumps, and in general have no real impact on society. Of course, if my guy friends ever read my […]

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