Should Lipstick Lovers Sign Up For “Lips Monthly”?

Welcome to 2017, the year of fake butts (sorry, your favorite celebrity did not just grow an ass that size overnight) with overdrawn lips and eyebrows. Among the awkward and sometimes ugly trends is a trend that I am all about….subscription boxes!

I joined Ipsy three months ago, and I can’t believe I ever went without it. I love trying out products from brands I’ve never heard of. Although the Ipsy bag is great, I wish it came with more lip products! So I decided to find a monthly subscription box for lip products only, and I did! Low and behold, I signed up for “Lip Monthly.”

Instead of writing you a boring essay, let’s break down my experience with Lip Monthly.

CON #1
When I first signed up, there was a promotion to get your first bag for only $5. Which was definitely just a gimmick, because they still charged me $6.45 stating “50% off your first bag.” I didn’t create a fuss over $1.45 but really? Don’t advertise things that aren’t true.

PRO #1
They give you the option to customize the color’s you want to receive in your next monthly bag. It’s literally the choice of one color or another, but at least you get a say.

CON #2
Shipping takes FOREVER due to high demands. Just know if you sign up now, you might not receive your first bag for 1-2 months. *They won’t charge you until the month are able to send you out a bag.*

(semi) PRO #2
You receive your order in a super cute gold envelope!

(major!!) CON #3
On their website they advertise that you receive 4-5 full size lip products. Ok, well I received 3 full size lip products and a SHEET MASK? I love sheet masks but this is NOT what I signed up for! *cue Beyonce hair flip*


CON #4
The products were OK. What I mean by when I say ok? I wouldn’t at even looked twice at them in a store based on the half-assed packaging job. Also, the color’s were pretty but the quality of the products were sub par. My boyfriend even complimented on them saying, “if they come off that easy on your hand, imagine on your lips”?

PRO #3

Right after I received my bag, I instantly knew I wouldn’t want another one. I went to cancel my subscription and Lip Monthly did everything they could to keep me. Offering special discounts if you decide to think twice about leaving. To me, I took it as they appreciate your business and want to keep you as a customer.

Lip Monthly wasn’t for me. I am a harsh critic when it comes to makeup, especially lip products. I feel if they offered deluxe samples of higher end brands, I’d be happier than full size tubes of cheaply made products. I also would’ve preferred another lip product instead of a sheet mask!

If you are on a budget, but enjoy new lipstick definitely give it a shot! The surprise of what you’ll get next is always fun, and a monthly fee of only $12.95 isn’t bad for a few lip products!



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