You Don’t Know This Influential Woman, but You Should

The woman I want to shout out on “international women’s day” isn’t anyone you’ve heard of, but you should know of. She doesn’t fit the “beauty norm” and her music isn’t anything you’ll find on the radio. Whether Metal is your genre of music or not, her message has always been STRONG.

Her music encouraged women to not be victims and to stand up for their equal rights as human beings. She openly spoke up about abortion, rape, domestic violence and the media’s unrealistic expectations of beauty. REAL topics that most people were very hush-hush about in the time period her music was released (early-mid 90s). Oh, and she didn’t dress like a vagina in the streets to get her point across.

And a right to dress sexy. When and where I want without being HARASSED for it, being told that I ASKED for it.” -Lyrics to “Victim” by Tyra Satana (band)

She’s always been a major inspiration and influence in my life. As a teenager, her music sent me the message of looking outside of the box. We often don’t realize how we are indirectly told how things should “be.” Stand up for something, and create something new! I’m definitely not a “made for TV” model but I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t be. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t be. 💕🙏🏻

Not made to measure, baby. One size does NOT fit all.”-Lyrics to “Made To Measure” by My Ruin


My forever #wcw Tairrie B. Murphy! She fronted Tura Satana/Manhole, My Ruin, the LVR’s and has had a solo Rap career as well. Check her out!

Ps: you’re be-you-tiful!




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