Some Calorie-less Food For Thought

We often stay so focused on our main goal that we lose sight of the small victories we make each day. The reality of it all, is that small victories are what gets us to conquer our biggest goals!

Today I drank tea over coffee, without any sweeteners or dairy products added! For me, that’s a big step in the right direction of my health goals. (I’m guilty of becoming a light and sweet coffee drinker!) As I’ve written before, I’ve gained weight in the past year and want to get back into shape!

The picture featured above is of me 6 years ago. Although I’ve maintained a relatively average sized body the past 3 years, getting to where I am now didn’t happen overnight. It was the day by day changes, that turned into habits that changed my life forever. Trust me, it wasnt easy…but anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Whatever path you have decided to take in life, whatever changes you want to make inside yourself…what did you do today to get there?

Feel free to share, I always love to hear! 💕

And if you haven’t done anything for yourself today, atleast remind yourself that you are be-you-tiful! Cause…duh! You are!

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