Is Fabletic’s Worth All the Hype It’s Getting?

“Fabletics” is the fitness line co-founded by Kate Hudson, and you’ve probably seen their ad’s plastered all over Facebook. Well, like a middle aged woman watching QVC…I fucking fell for the ad, and put an order in.

I paid $10 for a two piece outfit, with enrollment for the “VIP Membership.” Besides for the $10 outfit, you could also got 50% off select styles. Of course I splurged and purchased three other items (two shirts, one pant). So for the 5 items and rush delivery, my purchase came out to a mere $70.

To those who are into work out gear, $70 is very minimal for what I ordered. Especially for how goddamn cute the clothes look online.

What impressed me the most about Fabletics, is that they carry sizes xxS-3X. Lets face it, MOST work out clothing lines that have cute clothes do not cater to women larger than a size 12-14. I never understood how clothing companies don’t realize people of all sizes work out? I mean how else can someone get back in shape? It’s already overwhelming being a “bigger girl” at the gym, so can a girl get cute clothes to feel a little better? Well, on behalf of women who have a little more to love, thanks Fabletics!

Here’s a break down of the experience/product:

✔️ It came on time! They updated me plenty of times to know where and when my package would arrive.

✔️There’s enough room for the booty. 🍑 The material is durable enough that you don’t need to worry about the whole gym getting a see-through show when you squat!

✔️The “Zoey” Capri I purchased had mesh cut outs, they’re very tight in the mesh areas. I have larger thighs than standard girls my size so if that’s the case with you, beware of the mesh!

✔️ All 3 shirts I purchased were ridiculously comfortable.

✔️The “Lisette” High Waisted Legging are the most comfortable pair of workout pants I have ever tried.

✔️No awkward sweat patches coming through. Ever run home early from a work out because your ass sweat left marks on your pants that made you look like you pissed yourself? Oh yeah, cheap gym clothes can do that. Not Fabletics though (thank god!)

✔️No shrinkage of the clothes after the first wash WHATSOEVER!

The Verdict:
YASSSS, Fabletics SLAY! I am all about you, and will recommend you to all my friends! The comfort, quality and price are unbelievable!


Don’t mind my shoes or face! Felt so cute in this outfit though! 😘

Personally, having cute clothes to work out in inspires me to work out more. I know it might not make sense to some people, but to me it’s a confidence booster. Maybe treat yo self to some new work out gear and see if it gets you excited to get a work out in!

Remember, even a 15 minute walk is better than doing nothing with yourself! So get out there, and get moving! The world wants to see your be-you-tiful face out there hitting those goals!

Until next time,
Alexandra ❤

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