My #WCW is Underage and That’s OK!

Last year I made a huge rant on a previous blog about how we always tag women in pictures as our “woman crush Wednesday.” Typically these women are easy on the eyes, probably have huge lady lumps, and in general have no real impact on society. Of course, if my guy friends ever read my blogs they’d say “they impact many things for me…hehe! I’m SO original with my lame one liners!” (You guys know it’s true.)

The conclusion of this blog was to uplift a woman you know who may not know what they bring to your life. Tag someone who makes a difference to you, whether or not they know it…not the girl you have “#goals” to look like.

So today I’m going to take a minute to give a shout out to my underage #WCW! Someone who deserves to be seen by more people around the world! And this special little lady is supermodel Kadence Richards.


Photo: Billy Montana


I had the pleasure of meeting Kadence through Supermodels Unlimited Magazine! I was working as a member of the Beauty Team and Kadence was sent to my chair for her first photoshoot. The second we met, we clicked right away! Why? We both loved 90’s alternative rock and everything health-related! Not only was she a doll, her family treated me like one of their own.

Life brought us together once again when Kadence flew out to New York to model in the SU Sweer 16 Fashion show. Kadence expressed how she wanted to expand her modeling into promoting health and wellness to others. Her passion in life was fitness, and she wanted to reach out to others who might not be as knowledgable about her in that aspect. Obviously I had a “I’m not your Mom but I’m so proud of you” moment and told her to blog it out! (Seriously, was so proud I even teared writing this)

Kadence did just that, and started up her own blog! It took her a whole two days from our conversation to get it off the ground! Now this little youngin’ has a heart of gold and is going after her dreams to better the world. If that isn’t admirable or “#WCW” worthy, then I don’t know what is!

You can read Kadence’s blog here

What Kadence taught me, and what she can teach you is that if you have a passion for something, go for it! Age ain’t nothin but a number, and the number on the scale ain’t nothin but a number. Believe in yourself!

I only hope you guys remember I told ya’ll about Kadence first! She’s a one of a kind, be-you-tiful person..just like you! ❤️

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