The Beauty Bargain: A Retro-Inspired Swimsuit for ONLY $22.99?

Retro loving girls have to work hard to get their ensemble together. You either make it yourself, thrift shop like a crazy person, or spend a shit load of money on speciality online stores.

I’m not a big fan of thrift shopping (I don’t have the patience), or spending a ton of money on something I’ll be too scared to wear after the fact. I tend to find most of my clothing items randomly throughout the year. I love going to car shows and having someone say “I love that skirt”, and I’m like “girl, 10.99 at Burlington.”

One of the most expensive things you can purchase when it comes to “retro inspired clothing” is swimsuits. It’s a rarity you can find them in stores, and online they’ll gauge you for every penny you have. I wasn’t about to spend $100 on a swimsuit I know I won’t wear next year. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

I posted a picture to my social media of myself in the red white polka swimsuit, and I got so many compliments on it. People even messaged me asking where I got it!

Low and behold, Amazon for only 22.99!


I needed a bathing suit last minute, and had always wanted a red and white polka-dot suit. I was skeptical ordering this suit, especially for the price. I’d have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!


  1. Cheap (A comparable suit on Modcloth runs for 89.99!)
  2. Cute
  3. Flattering (sucks in all the right spots!)


  1. Not great for “smaller chested” girls. The larger the size you order, the bigger the cup. My boobs almost fit into mine but the cup is bigger than my boobs!
  2. Check the SIZING chart! The sizing is way, way different than American sizing. If you’re barely fitting into your size 10’s, just go with the next size up. It’s not a personal failure to order a size “L” if you’re a size “S.” It’s a damn letter, not your life’s right of passage!

You can purchase this swimsuit here!

So, if any of my readers ends up buying this bathing…tag me pictures! I’d love to see! I’m going to start writing more on beauty bargains cause not everyone has “got it like dat.” 😉

In this suit, or any suit…just remember you look pretty damn be-you-tiful! And any BODY is a beach body!



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