Can you guess what I’m crossing off my bucket list?

I hate tomatoes, I’ll pass on the olives, and I don’t eat big dinner’s on Sunday’s with my family. Oh, did I mention I’m Italian? Yep, that’s where all my dark features come from. Not from the Spanish and/or Asian lineage most people assume I’m from. (10 years ago, my friends nicknamed me “Double A” which stood for “Asian Al”, even my Dad got in on the jokes and deemed me “chi-rican”.)

My Italian heritage comes from my Mother’s side. My Mother’s parent’s were off-the-boat Italian’s, who came to America from Calabria. My Mother was born in America, but lived in Italy for a good amount of time during her childhood and early adolescent years. In fact, it wasn’t until about two years ago that my Father told me that my Mother’s second language is English. (I personally don’t hear her accent, but I’ve had friends in the past tell me they can hear it in the way she emphasizes her vowels.) My Grandparent’s were the only ones in their (huge) families to leave Italy and move to America. My entire life I have heard stories about my extended family, how beautiful Italy is and how I need to move there to meet my future Italian husband. (Sorry Nonni, fell in love with a Scottish-Polish mutt!) Also, my entire life I had dreamed of going to Italy and meeting my family.


Nonni, Mom and I! 3 Generations!

For almost a year now, I’ve had an amazing opportunity to work as a part of the beauty team for Supermodel’s Unlimited Magazine. Of course, you’re probably thinking how do I work for a Supermodel Magazine when I single-handedly make it a point to bash today’s media and beauty standard’s? Well, SU (short for Supermodel’s Unlimited) stands for everything I believe in. Their model’s are of all different sizes, shapes, ages, ethnic backgrounds and stand for something beyond being a pretty face. These are model’s who will be studying while I’m doing their hair, and talk about how they’re upset their GPA is only a 3.9 but they’re working hard for that 4.0. These are girl’s who’re much, much smaller than I am and had no remarks about how I was walking next to them in a fashion show. Why? Because SU believes the beauty on the inside count’s a lot more than the beauty on the outside. A trait in which all of their model’s instill within themselves.

In this short amount of time that I’ve been working for SU, I’ve been able to cross many thing’s off of my bucket list. This past summer they asked me to model for the magazine, which in turn made other people take me more seriously as a model. They’ve flown me out to Tennessee to do hair and makeup for their pageants, as well as ask me to walk in a fashion show of theirs. These are opportunities most people dream of, and I’ve been so blessed to do. I’ve always mentioned how thankful I am for all of these things, but any word I can write could not express just how thankful I’ve been. Yet, just when I thought they couldn’t make anymore of my dreams come true…

They asked my boss Alicsia and I to be apart of the beauty team to fly out and do photo shoot’s for the Magazine in…



My eyes water every time I think about it! I’ll visiting the country my family is from, to meet people I’ve only heard about my whole life. I’m also not JUST going there because I decided to fly out to visit family. I’m there going to be working in my career field for a beautiful company that I believe in so much! The best part is, SU believe’s in me too. Time to brush up on some Italian, and get a (pink) marker to cross “visit Italy” off the top of my bucket list. Also, can’t forget to throw out a bunch of clothes in my closet to make room for some hot European threadzzzz! Haha!


No matter the dream, keep working towards it! Whether it’s a major weight loss goal, or that dream job. Dedication and a positive attitude is what will get you there. If something happens along the way, whether you lose an opportunity or “friends” make you second guess their motives… just remember, not all things or people are meant to be in your life. Way better opportunities, and people are waiting for you. They’ll just come at the right time!

Until next time my be-you-tiful reader’s!

Xoxo- Alexandra

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