Your #WCW has fake boobs and uses photoshop too much


(Yes, those are real hash tags I found on Instagram, associated with “#wcw.”)

Today is just another day on social media. Somewhere between the unfortunate, heartless racial jokes about Muslims and meme’s about Ronda Rousey will be somebody’s hash-tagged picture of “#wcw.” For those of you unaware of what “#wcw” stands for, it’s “woman crush Wednesday.”

It’s either your excuse to post a good picture of yourself, tag somebody else and pretend to give them praise. Maybe it’s your best friend, favorite musician, girlfriend, wife…yada ya. Oh wait! We can’t forget the pore-less, edited to shit “Instagram model” you want to sleep with and/or want to look like.

Either way…it’s Wednesday, so it’s what you’re going to find. Some girls take it to heart that they aren’t anybody’s “woman crush Wednesday.” As if it’s the right of passage to how to world perceives your beauty and/or self worth. Which is pretty dumb considering you shouldn’t need someone to tell the internet that you’re worthy of being a “crush.” Yes, the thought is always nice but…you never really know the “thought” behind it. So stop blaming yourself for that!

For instance, I can think of two time’s I was ever anybody’s “#wcw,” and they were both ex-boyfriends. Mind you, I bitched to both of them that they never post pictures of me and/or us on social media. AKA, the truth about social media. Don’t buy everything you see…it may be an insecure girl hounding her boyfriend. And that’s exactly what I was, insecure. (I’ve grown up A LOT over this past year of being single…just in case anyone was wondering, LOL!)

When I wrote my blog about “what really intimidates women?” I got so much feedback from women of all ages, and the main thing they all said is “we as woman should uplift each-other.” And they’re right, we should! So if you’re taking the time to read this (thank you for doing so) then think about someone whose qualities or character is something you wish to apply more to your life. Whether it’s an old friend from high school who always makes you smile because they’re a positive person to be around, or an acquaintance of your’s who you notice is kind to everyone around them. Let them know that, make someone’s day who wouldn’t expect it!

My woman crush? Well, she’d never expect it but I think the world of her.


Regina, aka Miss Lola Dollface.

I lost my first pin up pageant to her, and was completely OK with it because she was one of the nicest girl’s I’ve ever met. What I noticed about Regina at the pageant was she was kind to everyone. She never takes her smile off, and it didn’t matter who talked to her…she treated them with respect. She even told me to enter another contest with her. How many girl’s do that? To give themselves more competition? Well, that’s Regina for you. A heart made of gold and expensive red lipstick.

It’s been about 9 month’s since that pageant, and I’ve been lucky to build a friendship with Regina. Although, our main source of communication is through liking each other’s Facebook post’s. This weekend Regina drove an hour out of her way to surprise Ally Oops and I at our Gansett Girl calendar release party. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw her. I have close friends who have never come to any of my pin up stuff, and she came to cheer us on. Which is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me.

Regina, you are a #beyoutiful woman because you radiate beauty inside and out. I admire your love and adoration for anyone who is in your life, whether it’s a goofy girl you see every so often at pin up shows. More women should be like you!

So who is your unexpected woman crush Wednesday? I hope to see everyone post a picture and hash tag “#beyoutiful” so I can see it. And when you’re taking time to remind someone else of the beauty you see in them…don’t forget to take time to appreciate the beauty that is YOU! Because you are be-you-tiful!


ps: Don’t forget to check out Regina’s amazing clothing line “Penny Lane.”


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