Should Lipstick Lovers Sign Up For “Lips Monthly”?

Welcome to 2017, the year of fake butts (sorry, your favorite celebrity did not just grow an ass that size overnight) with overdrawn lips and eyebrows. Among the awkward and sometimes ugly trends is a trend that I am all about….subscription boxes!

I joined Ipsy three months ago, and I can’t believe I ever went without it. I love trying out products from brands I’ve never heard of. Although the Ipsy bag is great, I wish it came with more lip products! So I decided to find a monthly subscription box for lip products only, and I did! Low and behold, I signed up for “Lip Monthly.”

Instead of writing you a boring essay, let’s break down my experience with Lip Monthly.

CON #1
When I first signed up, there was a promotion to get your first bag for only $5. Which was definitely just a gimmick, because they still charged me $6.45 stating “50% off your first bag.” I didn’t create a fuss over $1.45 but really? Don’t advertise things that aren’t true.

PRO #1
They give you the option to customize the color’s you want to receive in your next monthly bag. It’s literally the choice of one color or another, but at least you get a say.

CON #2
Shipping takes FOREVER due to high demands. Just know if you sign up now, you might not receive your first bag for 1-2 months. *They won’t charge you until the month are able to send you out a bag.*

(semi) PRO #2
You receive your order in a super cute gold envelope!

(major!!) CON #3
On their website they advertise that you receive 4-5 full size lip products. Ok, well I received 3 full size lip products and a SHEET MASK? I love sheet masks but this is NOT what I signed up for! *cue Beyonce hair flip*


CON #4
The products were OK. What I mean by when I say ok? I wouldn’t at even looked twice at them in a store based on the half-assed packaging job. Also, the color’s were pretty but the quality of the products were sub par. My boyfriend even complimented on them saying, “if they come off that easy on your hand, imagine on your lips”?

PRO #3

Right after I received my bag, I instantly knew I wouldn’t want another one. I went to cancel my subscription and Lip Monthly did everything they could to keep me. Offering special discounts if you decide to think twice about leaving. To me, I took it as they appreciate your business and want to keep you as a customer.

Lip Monthly wasn’t for me. I am a harsh critic when it comes to makeup, especially lip products. I feel if they offered deluxe samples of higher end brands, I’d be happier than full size tubes of cheaply made products. I also would’ve preferred another lip product instead of a sheet mask!

If you are on a budget, but enjoy new lipstick definitely give it a shot! The surprise of what you’ll get next is always fun, and a monthly fee of only $12.95 isn’t bad for a few lip products!



You Don’t Know This Influential Woman, but You Should

The woman I want to shout out on “international women’s day” isn’t anyone you’ve heard of, but you should know of. She doesn’t fit the “beauty norm” and her music isn’t anything you’ll find on the radio. Whether Metal is your genre of music or not, her message has always been STRONG.

Her music encouraged women to not be victims and to stand up for their equal rights as human beings. She openly spoke up about abortion, rape, domestic violence and the media’s unrealistic expectations of beauty. REAL topics that most people were very hush-hush about in the time period her music was released (early-mid 90s). Oh, and she didn’t dress like a vagina in the streets to get her point across.

And a right to dress sexy. When and where I want without being HARASSED for it, being told that I ASKED for it.” -Lyrics to “Victim” by Tyra Satana (band)

She’s always been a major inspiration and influence in my life. As a teenager, her music sent me the message of looking outside of the box. We often don’t realize how we are indirectly told how things should “be.” Stand up for something, and create something new! I’m definitely not a “made for TV” model but I won’t let anyone tell me I can’t be. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t be. 💕🙏🏻

Not made to measure, baby. One size does NOT fit all.”-Lyrics to “Made To Measure” by My Ruin


My forever #wcw Tairrie B. Murphy! She fronted Tura Satana/Manhole, My Ruin, the LVR’s and has had a solo Rap career as well. Check her out!

Ps: you’re be-you-tiful!




Are the Bad Reviews of Urban Decay’s “Vice” Liquid Lipstick True?

So yesterday I posted on Instagram about how I would wear the new Urban Decay “Vice” Liquid Lipstick’s for the day and see the outcome. There’s been a lot of negative reviews surrounding them, but I couldn’t believe it! It’s Urban Decay after all!

The line which was only released last week, came with two formulas. One formula a matte, and the other a metallic, both being the biggest trends amongst lipstick at the moment. Also, the shade range for this line is TO DIE FOR! Such gorgeous colors!

The truth about these gorgeous color’s are that they’re very inconsistent, especially the metallics! I’ve never had to reapply a liquid lipstick so many times to get the desired color. Also, the claims of “life proof” and “waterproof” are not true! I followed the directions throughly, and still ran into issues.

Even though it breaks my heart to do, as I am obsessed with Urban Decay…I cannot reccomend these lipsticks! Unless you have magical lipstick-magnetic lips, then you’re good to go!

Have a great rest of your weekend my beyoutiful readers! 😘

Some Calorie-less Food For Thought

We often stay so focused on our main goal that we lose sight of the small victories we make each day. The reality of it all, is that small victories are what gets us to conquer our biggest goals!

Today I drank tea over coffee, without any sweeteners or dairy products added! For me, that’s a big step in the right direction of my health goals. (I’m guilty of becoming a light and sweet coffee drinker!) As I’ve written before, I’ve gained weight in the past year and want to get back into shape!

The picture featured above is of me 6 years ago. Although I’ve maintained a relatively average sized body the past 3 years, getting to where I am now didn’t happen overnight. It was the day by day changes, that turned into habits that changed my life forever. Trust me, it wasnt easy…but anything worth having doesn’t come easy.

Whatever path you have decided to take in life, whatever changes you want to make inside yourself…what did you do today to get there?

Feel free to share, I always love to hear! 💕

And if you haven’t done anything for yourself today, atleast remind yourself that you are be-you-tiful! Cause…duh! You are!

Is Fabletic’s Worth All the Hype It’s Getting?

“Fabletics” is the fitness line co-founded by Kate Hudson, and you’ve probably seen their ad’s plastered all over Facebook. Well, like a middle aged woman watching QVC…I fucking fell for the ad, and put an order in.

I paid $10 for a two piece outfit, with enrollment for the “VIP Membership.” Besides for the $10 outfit, you could also got 50% off select styles. Of course I splurged and purchased three other items (two shirts, one pant). So for the 5 items and rush delivery, my purchase came out to a mere $70.

To those who are into work out gear, $70 is very minimal for what I ordered. Especially for how goddamn cute the clothes look online.

What impressed me the most about Fabletics, is that they carry sizes xxS-3X. Lets face it, MOST work out clothing lines that have cute clothes do not cater to women larger than a size 12-14. I never understood how clothing companies don’t realize people of all sizes work out? I mean how else can someone get back in shape? It’s already overwhelming being a “bigger girl” at the gym, so can a girl get cute clothes to feel a little better? Well, on behalf of women who have a little more to love, thanks Fabletics!

Here’s a break down of the experience/product:

✔️ It came on time! They updated me plenty of times to know where and when my package would arrive.

✔️There’s enough room for the booty. 🍑 The material is durable enough that you don’t need to worry about the whole gym getting a see-through show when you squat!

✔️The “Zoey” Capri I purchased had mesh cut outs, they’re very tight in the mesh areas. I have larger thighs than standard girls my size so if that’s the case with you, beware of the mesh!

✔️ All 3 shirts I purchased were ridiculously comfortable.

✔️The “Lisette” High Waisted Legging are the most comfortable pair of workout pants I have ever tried.

✔️No awkward sweat patches coming through. Ever run home early from a work out because your ass sweat left marks on your pants that made you look like you pissed yourself? Oh yeah, cheap gym clothes can do that. Not Fabletics though (thank god!)

✔️No shrinkage of the clothes after the first wash WHATSOEVER!

The Verdict:
YASSSS, Fabletics SLAY! I am all about you, and will recommend you to all my friends! The comfort, quality and price are unbelievable!


Don’t mind my shoes or face! Felt so cute in this outfit though! 😘

Personally, having cute clothes to work out in inspires me to work out more. I know it might not make sense to some people, but to me it’s a confidence booster. Maybe treat yo self to some new work out gear and see if it gets you excited to get a work out in!

Remember, even a 15 minute walk is better than doing nothing with yourself! So get out there, and get moving! The world wants to see your be-you-tiful face out there hitting those goals!

Until next time,
Alexandra ❤

Saturday Night Makeup Look

Snowy days means makeup, makeup, makeup! Why? Cause…who doesn’t want to do a full face just to take a picture for their blog?

The “cut crease” is the most popular look nowadays amongst Instagram “Makeup Artists.” It’s also a huge pain the ass to do, but makes your eyes look immaculate. I decided to give the cut crease a go, and with my FAVORITE color to add to any eye look…
💚Lime Green!!💚

I’ll call this look “Diet Mountain Dew.”


Comon, tell me that green ain’t faboosh?!


Shout out to watermelons all around the world for the green eye and pink lip inspo! #🍉

A little piece of advice to anyone who tries to do a cut crease look, and always seem to fail at it…are you using false lashes? Literally lashes are what ties this look together! It’s crazy how much of a difference falsies make!

Products Used:
Primer: MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance in “Radiant Yellow”
Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt in NW20
Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin in “Light Neutral”
Bronzer: No. 7 Shimmer Palette in “Caramel”
Blush: Urban Decay Afterglow in “Score”
Highlighter: Anastasia “Starlight” Illuminator
Eyebrows: Anastasia Dip Brow in “Dark Brown”
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion in “Original”
Eyeshadow: Sephora Crayon Colorful in “Fresh Limeade” & Tarte “Tartiest Pro Palette”
Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo liner in “Trooper” & Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in “Zero”
Eyelashes: D’Eyeko “Natural Volume”
Lipliner: Palladio “Nearly Nude”
Lipstick: Buxom “Wildly Whipped” Soft Matte Lip Color
Lipgloss: Anastasia “Pastel Pink”

Let me know if you try any of the products I listed! I highly reccomend them all!

Until next time my be-you-tiful readers! 😘

Why I Am My Own “#Goals” and Nobody Else Is

Struggling with my weight is nothing I’ve been hush about. From emotional eating to dieting in an obsessively unhealthy way, I feel like I’ve dealt with it all. At my largest size, I would eat fast food twice a day. At that size, I never worked out and would feel out of breath when I walked up a flight of stairs. At my smallest size, I considered peanut butter to be the devil because there were “too many calories.” Also, at my smallest size I was a miserable twat who did cardio-only exercises 6 days a week. If I didnt get an hour of cardio in for the day, I would have this voice in the back of my head telling me “you’re going to gain all your weight back.”


largest size & smallest size (obviously!)

The past couple of months, I’ve considered my diet to be…”uncensored.”

What do I mean by an “uncensored” diet?

Well, typically I have a “standard lifestyle” that was at once life changes that formed into habits. Since my major weight loss, I’ve always stuck with low calorie alcoholic beverages, never touched candy, and only ate dessert on special occasions. I would seldom order pizza or fried food anytime I went out to eat. There was always this will power/inner strength/voice in the back of my head to remind me of these things.

On the “uncensored” diet, the “will power/inner strength/voice in the back of my head” is shut off, and my taste buds take over. Suddenly, my choices on the menu weren’t narrowed down to salads and grilled chicken, the whole menu was up for grabs. As we all know, once you start eating pizza, cookies and all that other heavenly tasting stuff, healthy food loses it’s pizazz. It’s always the first sign of “you’re eating too much shit” when fruit doesn’t taste like candy anymore, and vegetables are a chore to eat.

Luckily, I’ve always been smart enough to see the signs of when I’m letting bad habits come back. I did gain weight, but caught myself before it got to the point of no return. I knew I needed to set myself small goals and get back into shape. I also knew I wasn’t going to address losing weight the same manner that I had in the past. I would always base my progress on what other people looked like, not the improvements I saw in my health. I was also never happy with myself, no matter how much weight I lost, it was NEVER enough.

Photographer Oscar Plunkett reached out to me about doing a photo-shoot, which is my first legitimate photo-shoot since I gained weight. I knew I had to use this photo-shoot as a way to help myself get back on track, and get into my healthy lifestyle again. My overall goal this time around? Get back to a previous size of that I’ve been, but with more muscle tone and less stress about getting to that size. Instead of being “skinny” or basing my progress on someone else, I was going to base it on me and my happiness. I can’t be anyone else but myself, so why am I basing my fitness goals on someone elses body?

The first week into clearing up my bad habits, I cut out a decent amount of the bad foods that I was consuming regularly. I didn’t overdo it, because I didn’t want to go on a binge eating rampage because I went cold turkey into a strict diet. These are the major changes I made in my lifestyle this week….


  1. Cut down on my sugary, creamy coffee intake. Instead of drinking coffee everyday, switch off every other day with tea. I always drink my tea with stevia and a drop of organic creamer. On days I drank coffee, I would measure out how much creamer I was using.
  2. Cut cheese out of my daily breakfast. If I was craving cheese with my eggs, I would sprinkle a small amount of fresh parmesan onto them.
  3. Turned down all sweets, and candy. Opted for my own “desserts”  which consisted of unsweetened flattened bananas, or organic apples with cinnamon and peanut butter.
  4. Only consumed alcohol one night this week, and it was low calorie choice.
  5. DRANK TONS OF WATER! I was habitually leaving myself dehydrated.
  6. My workouts were turned into a mix of weight lifting with cardio instead of cardio only.

This is what 6 days a week of cardio only looks like (wheres my ass?!)


  1. Pancakes on Sunday, but with a low calorie syrup.
  2. Allowed myself one cheat dinner, in which I picked whatever I wanted. Chicken pot pie was my choice, and I highly regret it. Why? because it was gross AF.


After all of this…I lost 2.6lbs this week! I feel like a million bucks because the small changes have paid off. I’m ready to make myself proud again, and go fourth in a healthier aspect, mentally as well as physically. I avoided blogging and modeling because of my weight gain, but what kind of “inspirational blogger” would I be if let something like a little weight gain make me hide from the world? I’m not perfect, neither are you. There’s always bumps in the road, but there is always something to learn from them, and reminder to yourself that you are strong enough to overcome them.

The 2.6lbs I lost  this week may be small but it me it’s a big deal. This is why I’m my own #goals.Why aim for someone elses life when I can create my own beautiful one? What is it about yourself that makes you proud? Take a minute today to reflect on a positive side of yourself, whether its your smile or genuine kindness to others. After all, you are pretty damn be-you-tiful!


My #WCW is Underage and That’s OK!

Last year I made a huge rant on a previous blog about how we always tag women in pictures as our “woman crush Wednesday.” Typically these women are easy on the eyes, probably have huge lady lumps, and in general have no real impact on society. Of course, if my guy friends ever read my blogs they’d say “they impact many things for me…hehe! I’m SO original with my lame one liners!” (You guys know it’s true.)

The conclusion of this blog was to uplift a woman you know who may not know what they bring to your life. Tag someone who makes a difference to you, whether or not they know it…not the girl you have “#goals” to look like.

So today I’m going to take a minute to give a shout out to my underage #WCW! Someone who deserves to be seen by more people around the world! And this special little lady is supermodel Kadence Richards.


Photo: Billy Montana


I had the pleasure of meeting Kadence through Supermodels Unlimited Magazine! I was working as a member of the Beauty Team and Kadence was sent to my chair for her first photoshoot. The second we met, we clicked right away! Why? We both loved 90’s alternative rock and everything health-related! Not only was she a doll, her family treated me like one of their own.

Life brought us together once again when Kadence flew out to New York to model in the SU Sweer 16 Fashion show. Kadence expressed how she wanted to expand her modeling into promoting health and wellness to others. Her passion in life was fitness, and she wanted to reach out to others who might not be as knowledgable about her in that aspect. Obviously I had a “I’m not your Mom but I’m so proud of you” moment and told her to blog it out! (Seriously, was so proud I even teared writing this)

Kadence did just that, and started up her own blog! It took her a whole two days from our conversation to get it off the ground! Now this little youngin’ has a heart of gold and is going after her dreams to better the world. If that isn’t admirable or “#WCW” worthy, then I don’t know what is!

You can read Kadence’s blog here

What Kadence taught me, and what she can teach you is that if you have a passion for something, go for it! Age ain’t nothin but a number, and the number on the scale ain’t nothin but a number. Believe in yourself!

I only hope you guys remember I told ya’ll about Kadence first! She’s a one of a kind, be-you-tiful person..just like you! ❤️

The Beauty Bargain: A Retro-Inspired Swimsuit for ONLY $22.99?

Retro loving girls have to work hard to get their ensemble together. You either make it yourself, thrift shop like a crazy person, or spend a shit load of money on speciality online stores.

I’m not a big fan of thrift shopping (I don’t have the patience), or spending a ton of money on something I’ll be too scared to wear after the fact. I tend to find most of my clothing items randomly throughout the year. I love going to car shows and having someone say “I love that skirt”, and I’m like “girl, 10.99 at Burlington.”

One of the most expensive things you can purchase when it comes to “retro inspired clothing” is swimsuits. It’s a rarity you can find them in stores, and online they’ll gauge you for every penny you have. I wasn’t about to spend $100 on a swimsuit I know I won’t wear next year. (Yes, I’m one of those people.)

I posted a picture to my social media of myself in the red white polka swimsuit, and I got so many compliments on it. People even messaged me asking where I got it!

Low and behold, Amazon for only 22.99!


I needed a bathing suit last minute, and had always wanted a red and white polka-dot suit. I was skeptical ordering this suit, especially for the price. I’d have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!


  1. Cheap (A comparable suit on Modcloth runs for 89.99!)
  2. Cute
  3. Flattering (sucks in all the right spots!)


  1. Not great for “smaller chested” girls. The larger the size you order, the bigger the cup. My boobs almost fit into mine but the cup is bigger than my boobs!
  2. Check the SIZING chart! The sizing is way, way different than American sizing. If you’re barely fitting into your size 10’s, just go with the next size up. It’s not a personal failure to order a size “L” if you’re a size “S.” It’s a damn letter, not your life’s right of passage!

You can purchase this swimsuit here!

So, if any of my readers ends up buying this bathing…tag me pictures! I’d love to see! I’m going to start writing more on beauty bargains cause not everyone has “got it like dat.” 😉

In this suit, or any suit…just remember you look pretty damn be-you-tiful! And any BODY is a beach body!



The Story of Pinky & Pretty

“Whose your hot pink haired friend?”

A question that will follow me till the day my “hot pink haired friend” changes her hair to another badass color. Just for reference, her name is Madeline.


Not only is her outside appearance colorful and beautiful, her personality is just the same. She’s full of life and beauty all around.

How Madeline and I became friends was written by the vagina gods as the most girly story of all time. No really, it’s actually pretty ridiculous.

It was a couple years back, and I was in my early 20’s “punk rawk” stage of life. Bright red hair, pierced everywhere. As you can imagine, my wardrobe store of choice was Hot Topic.


Did I mention I was way thinner then? And so X kewl X


Well, Madeline worked at a local Hot Topic. Every time I would go in and buy an outfit, we would both be weirded out that she just bought the exact same one the day before. This happened multiple times. So we decided to become Facebook official friends and hang out.

It turns out we had a lot more in common than clothes and bright hair. We loved the same music, Halloween and she even preferred Backstreet Boys over N’Sync (which is always a win in my book).


And as everyone on my social media knows, the rest was history! A best friendship was born! I had finally met a girl who was just as weird as me!


Last July we took each other to Prom! Zombie Prom!

Last weekend we had her boyfriend Red take some pictures of us. It had been awhile since I had done any modeling, so it was nice to get back into it! I needed a break though, I was starting to burn out. I’m very lucky for all the opportunities I get, but I’m also balancing a job and real life relationships. It gets hard.

Enjoy! And love yourself enough to dare to be different. The one thing I admire about Madeline the most is her confidence in herself. She’s not sorry for being a bright haired girl whose into nerdy things. She’s her, and who she is… is be-you-tiful! Like you!



Can’t be serious all the time!